My name is Amy. I am a 30-something, homeschooling, debt-free, INFP convert to Catholicism.

  • 30-something means I could leave this about page alone for years without it needing cleaned
  • Homeschooling means I’m a mom, and also implies I have some level of confidence about myself, at least in comparison to other educational options in my area
  • Debt-free means I value my freedom intensely, and I’m defensively suspicious of anyone who thinks taking on debt would be an effective way to accomplish any of my goals
  • INFP means
      • I need time alone to rebuild my reserves to face the world, and life in general.
      • I absorb information in a very non-linear fashion, and prefer deep topics of conversation over detailed
      • I hold some values so strongly that I make decisions (and hold to decisions) as much or more from what I *know* to be true than what I think or hear to be “logical.”
      • I am not naturally inclined to order in my daily life. The upside is I’m highly adaptable and good at thinking on my feet.
        • Considering I’m on my feet a lot, this is a huge plus for me.
    • I am not a peace-at-any-cost sort of INFP.  I’m more of a dig-in-and-hold-my-own sort.
  • By convert I mean I decided at Easter Vigil of 2011 that I want to become Catholic.
    • As my mother would say (if I had the nerve to tell her yet), I’ve got exactly one year to change my mind.

I was raised Protestant (my whole family is active in the churches they attend), but the tradition and forms of Catholicism feel very safe and welcoming to me.  I’m attending weekly (non-Sunday) Mass at my nearest Catholic church, and seeking to apply myself to learn everything I should to confirm or deny this is the direction God is leading me.

Other randoms:

  • Married over 10 years
  • Raising rabbits
    • Angora – for wool. I spin using a double treadle wheel
    • Californian – for meat
  • Raising Ducks
    • Anconas – for eggs, and meat, too if they turn out to be reasonable setters (this is my first year with ducks)
  • Writing a YA romance novel
    • I feel this is my beyond-home calling.
    • Doubtless this will be my unveiling. When I get into details, or reach the publicity point. For now the mentioning it is to say what I do besides, you know, the rest of life.

2 Comments to “About”

  1. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! You sound fascinating! I love YA romance novels and recently started working at a publishing house!

  2. I’m glad I found you! I’m converting too within the next year or two! God bless!

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