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April 29, 2011

What do you REALLY want? (In 7 Quick Takes)

Elizabeth Esther asked the question and her answer was mostly focused on writing.

And I’ve asked those questions too, elsewhere.

But when I started asking today I realized some stuff.

#1  I want to be creative – in a meaningful way

Writing is not a luxury. Creating is not entertainment.

They stabilize- root– my natureAnd give my flighty physicality (and mentality) the means to be still long enough to recharge.

And as a stay-at-home and teaching-mom, this is the only (short-term) project and sense of contribution-/connection-to-society I get.

I expect people to scoff at the idea I’m writing a “YA romance” (a fantasy no less!), but I argue, tearfully at times, that these kids need a pure model.  An inspired hope.  I know I never found those in high school.  Call it grandiose and foolish if you must (I know I do at times), but fiction is a necessity, and if God provides a way for me to actually finish this I believe it will be very important.

Regina Doman is my delight in this, despite having *not* read all her books.

#2  I want community.

I want a place and group of people with a readable standard and social system (I have a history of figuring things out right after I need them).  This community needs to be welcoming and open to people less-outgoing, or less-confident than me, so I can learn to be welcoming myself.

Community is the freedom of limits: I don’t need to be all things to all people, because we have different gifts, and God doesn’t have to depend on my exhaustion to accomplish His will

#3  I want connection

I don’t need everybody to know my name, or even *get* me when I first show up, but I do need to be remembered.  I need to know I can build relationships over time and won’t continually be starting from scratch.

I’m used to confusing people, and over the years I’ve learned how to do that less, but nothing compares to that beautiful rest when someone values you enough to get inside your head, to see past the clutter to be impressed by the furnishings.

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